April 28

Q1 2024 Update

Let's go over the things that I have done in Q1 2024.


  • Renew Azure Data Engineer Associate - Completed 1/14/2024
  • Renew Azure Security Engineer Associate - Completed 1/15/2024
  • Renew Azure Solutions Architect Expert - Completed 1/16/2024
  • Renew Azure Developer Associate - Completed 1/17/2024
  • Renew Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty - Completed 1/18/2024
  • Renew DevOps Engineer Expert - Completed 1/19/2024
  • Acquire Azure Administrator Associate - Completed 2/23/2024


I was planning on just 1 talk this quarter, but BJSS (my employer), had other ideas. I gave a short talk as part of the 1st BJSS External Tech Forum. This talk covered some of the particulars of how we did at CodeLaunch including drafting a company, the hackathon, and the big event itself. I thought it went off well.


We did CodeLaunch again this year. Unfortunately, we were eliminated in the first round. However, we picked a good company (Glydr) and had alot of fun working with them.

What were my misses?

  • Take and pass the GitHub Foundations exam
  • Give talk on gRPC + .NET to the BJSS Houston Tech Forum

I think the GitHub Foundations exam should be easy to prep for so I'll bump that to one of the higher priority items. The talk on gRPC + .NET I ended up giving on 4/25/2024. It was still late though. I've put in to give the talk to the Houston .NET User Group as well as the North Houston .NET Group. I'll post more about that here when those get scheduled.

That's all I've got for now. I'll post another update at the end of Q2. Back to work!

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