June 24

New job, new computer, stupid proxy settings

I just changed jobs within my current company. I basically went from doing dev work for a few oil and gas companies to doing work for one energy company. It's always weird starting a new job. You may have an interview or two before you start, but you never know exactly what you are going to get until you accept it and jump in. The office is playing a giant game of "musical offices & cubes" while they are remodeling the building. I hear it will be very nice when it's done. Office space is at a premium right now and myself and another co-worker have been put into a computer lab/server room to work for now. It's pretty cool. We've got a bunch of hardware, a door we can close, and a great A/C system. If you live in Houston during the 90+ degree summers, you know how important it is to have a good A/C system. The problem is that the A/C is always on. If we close the door, we freeze. If we leave the door open, we can hear everyone talking on the phone, to each other, and the constant traffic outside the room. The guys that are talking the loudest have cubes side by side and they are around the corner. Guys, you are at about 10, we need you at about a 4 or 5.

So here I sit in the icebox with a hoodie on to keep warm. Got a brand new laptop that I've been working to setup with all the tools and stuff that I'll need to do my job here. It's a pretty decent laptop. With the exception of a smaller screen and keyboard, I'm happy with it. One of the most annoying things about carrying around the laptop is changing the proxy settings every time you go from the office to the house. For the occasional changes it's no big deal to click through all the settings to make the changes. If you are doing it twice a day, it's annoying as hell. I did some snooping around and found a Microsoft TechNet "Scripting Guy" article that helped me out. I created a couple vb scripts to enable and disable the proxy server and it's so nice to just double click the file to make the change. The next step would be to find a way for the script to detect what environment it is in (home or office) and change it automatically.

Here's the link for anyone else who needs it: How Can I Switch Between Using a Proxy Server and Not Using a Proxy Server?

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June 24

Hello World

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first shot at this kind of thing. If it's rough around the edges, please bear with me.

About Me

I'm a software developer for a large technology company in the Houston, Texas area. They contract me out to various companies in the Oil & Gas and Energy vertical markets. I prefer to work with the .NET Framework (ASP.NET mostly) and MS SQL Server, but I've been known to work on other things when the need arises.

"So what would you say, you do here?"

I've been doing the development thing for quite awhile now. There have been many times when I've had to go research how to do something. I've learned a lot from many different people out there on the web and now it's time to try to give some back to the community. I'll be blogging about some of the problems I come across and my approach to fixing them.

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