August 4

Rebooting & Blogging

I had originally created this blog years ago and tried to get into blogging. I got a few posts up but then kind of lost interest when life started happening. So when I was recently and unexpectedly given an opportunity to "reboot" my career, I remembered some .NET Rocks! podcasts from the last year that addressed taking your carreer to the next level (Working on your Career with John Sonmez and Managing Your Career with John Sonmez). I decided to go check out his website to see what I could find that might help me. One of the things I found was his online 3 week blogging course. I wasn't terribly motivated to blog, but I know blogging would help me and I decided to give it a shot. There are no silver bullets with this, but the course gives you a path forward to building or re-building your blog as the case may be. It turns out that is exactly what I needed to get going.

If you are looking to start a blog or just find something to help jumpstart your blog, I would recommend checking out John Sonmez's Blog Course.

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